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Craigslitst is the most widespread classifieds advertisements site. It began functioning in 1995 in San Francisco, and it used to work as an email distributed list for friends. It started widening it´s reach and it is now a web-based global classifieds ads website. It allows posting products and services and also has discussion forums. It´s lists are categorized by location and a myriad of products or services categories.

Posting on craigslist is easy and free, anyone can do it following a few steps, but to take real advantage of such marketing place and successfully promote your ad, you should know how to effectively create the ad  and then  post to craiglist. If you  posting to craiglists as many ads as possible  you maximize the chances of  reaching as many potential clients as possible. That is really time-consuming though, therefore utilizing a craigslist posting software will be the solution for you.

In this aspect, AdPoster appears to be the ideal craigslist posting tool you could use. It can automatically post your ads in a quick, easy  and error-free way, but assuring you that they are smartly placed since it allows you to choose the target public you want to reach. You choose your target clients and AdPoster reaches them.

What is more, AdPoster offers automatic an E-mail confirmation feature. You will no longer need to  waste time to check for email confirmation and clicking on innumerable confirmation links every time you post an ad! AdPoster does it for you automatically.

Posting on craiglist widens your commercial opportunities, and AdPoster allows you to do it effortlessly and securely!

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